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Threads is 1-hour theatrical participatory experience designed with and for children 7- 12 years and a parent or guardian. A hybrid of performance and creative play space where children and their families are welcomed into an intriguing world to connect and play together. The audience participates within the work, with moments to sit back and watch, and moments when they can move around and interact with performers and the set design. The production incorporates storytelling, art-making and physical theatre. A tale of survival, one right beneath our very noses, yet so often overlooked.


Here, webs are woven out of the darkness, crafted by the audience who move and create alongside performers. Not one experience of Threads is ever the same, with audience memories stitched into the fabric of their journey.


This experience leaves audiences marvelling at the natural world anew, curious about hidden worlds and buoyed by the power of connection.


Threads supports audiences to feel "amazing and creative", and to think of "The beauty of nature. Resilience” and that, “It’s okay to be free and playful no matter what age.”


Our audiences loved: "All of it." "Emotions and feelings that go into art." “When we got to make stuff together.”


Our audiences think Threads is important because: "The vulnerability yet simplicity of connection was really beautiful, and we need more art than ever after the past few years. So healing." " For the family it resets us and makes us calm."


Winner Best Kids Melbourne Fringe Festival Award 2022

Nominated Green Room Association 2023 Contemporary & Experimental Performance - Work for Children and Young Families.

The Artists

Nancy Sposato and Cat Sewell: Co-Direction & Performance.

Zoe Barry: Sound Design

Bronwyn Pringle: Lighting Design

Melanie Liertz: Set & Costume Design

Frazer Shepherdson: Props Assist & Play Facilitator

Ben Ruttenberg: Props Assist & Documentation

Vanessa Chapple: Creative Collaborator & Performer

Nick Barlow: Collaborating Performer

Takeshi Kondo: Videographer

Bryony Jackson: Photographer

Creative Development

Explore the creative development process for Threads here.

This project was supported by The Melbourne Fringe and The City of Melbourne

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