Creative At-Home Task: Drawing with Thread

If thread were the paint, what marks would you make? 


What stories could we weave together?

The Ball Room Projects are inviting the community to collaborate on the creative development for their new work - THREADS. Originally workshops were scheduled to be delivered at ArtPlay, but due to Covid19, we have moved to an online creative task. Your contributions will feed into The Ball Room’s creative process. We plan to publish a montage of your work and their developments right here in late June.

THREADS will be an original participatory installation exploring ‘thread’ as a symbol of human interconnection within community and with the natural world.

Task Instructions:

Arrange thread on a piece of paper. You may cut the thread into different lengths.


This task has been designed for children and adults to do together. Adults and children can work separately side by side, or choose to collaborate on one piece of paper.

Take a photo of your favourite arrangements and send them to

Please add the age of the child involved. Entries close Thursday 11th June. 

You will need:

  • White paper & black thread OR 

  • Black paper & white thread

  • Scissors

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