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©2017 by The Ball Room.

The Ball Room

The Ball Room is a interactive theatrical event and it was our companies debut work.


Through the development of this work we began investigating the importance of play for people young and old-er. In so doing, the BALL became central in the development of the work as an ancient symbol of play that is accessible across culture, gender and language. 


In this experience, your sense of play is the fabric of the performance. 


Embark on a journey through highly theatrical environments that inspire the imagination. 

Performers physicalize a poetic narrative and let you follow the trajectory of OVER 2000 BALLS onto the stage! 


Here we bend the rules of the theatre and truly let you play. 


Crafted to a stimulating soundscore and accompanied by live musicians, this experience will have you bouncing to a beat and dreaming of ballrooms from yesteryear. 


The Ball Room is designed for children from 2-8 years of age and we encourage a 1:1 child to carer ratio.


Directors - Cat Sewell & Nancy Sposato

Performers - Teresa Blake, Andrew Gray & Nancy Sposato 

Soundscore - Zoë Barry & Steph O'Hara

Lighting - Sam Doyle & Paul Lim

Visuals - Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore